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From Caregiver to Loved One

Transitioning Back to Your Role as a Family Member As your loved one ages, they may start to need help with chores like yard work and transportation. Eventually, mobility issues may mean that they need help with housekeeping and cooking. And, if your loved one suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s, they may need even more

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The Benefits of “Range of Motion” Exercises

As we age, our joints lose fluid and our muscles lose elasticity, leading to a natural decrease in flexibility. Seniors who lose flexibility find it hard to complete normal daily tasks like getting up from chairs or walking up and down stairs, let alone more complicated chores like cooking and cleaning. The CDC recommends that

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How to Transition from Home to an Assisted Living Community

Assisted living makes it possible to live comfortably while receiving the care you need. However, knowing that assisted living is the best possible option for you doesn’t necessarily make the transition from home to an assisted living community any easier. The adjustment may be emotional and intimidating, especially if you have lived in your home

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Knowing When Assisted Living Is the Right Choice for Your Loved One

The Right Time for a Tough Choice No matter our age or abilities, we all need not just safety and physical care but joy and emotional fulfillment. Unfortunately, age, memory loss, and other factors can prevent many seniors from fully taking care of themselves. Providing constant care can be an insurmountable task for loved ones

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