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5 Things to Consider When Looking for a Memory Care Community

When memory care assisted living becomes necessary for your loved one, the next step will be finding the right care community  for them. While you may feel overwhelmed by the decision, the last thing you should do is try to rush the process. If you find yourself needing help to care for your loved one

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Tips to Keep Your Senior Family Member Safe During the Winter

Here in New Hampshire, we experience all four seasons, and winter can be one of the most dangerous for the elderly. Beyond the obvious risks brought about by cold temperatures, winter can bring many hazards for our aging loved ones. See just a few common risks and how to keep your loved one safe during

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Cold Weather Activity Ideas for Your Senior Family Member

Aging can bring additional challenges, like a weaker immune system and loss of mental dexterity. Plus, as we age, it can be harder to maintain the right body temperature, and experiencing cold temperatures can result in illness. That’s why it’s so important for elderly people to maintain a safe body temperature and not stay outside

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November is National Family Caregivers Month

Burnout and How Assisted Living Can Help As much as we care for our aging loved ones, being a caregiver can cause stress and exhaustion. While you may feel that being the primary caregiver for your loved one is your responsibility, you shouldn’t ignore the signs of burnout. Burnout can harm both of you, as

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The Importance of Regular Visits for Seniors with Memory Loss

Whether you have a loved one showing small signs of memory problems or you have a loved one who has severe symptoms of Alzheimer’s, caring for them can be difficult. Caregiving is often physically demanding and emotionally draining since dementia can impact not just memory but mood, personality, and cognitive abilities. At some point, it

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How Reducing Stress Keeps Seniors Healthier

Stress is a normal part of life, and your body should be equipped to deal with it. When confronted with a difficult situation, your body releases stress hormones that can help you cope. Once the situation is over, your body stops releasing the stress hormones. Unfortunately, as we age, our bodies have difficulty with this

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How Assisted Living Keeps Your Loved Ones Safe

Everyone ages differently and will have a specific set of physical and emotional needs. For many, mobility issues make it difficult to do things like pick up groceries and attend medical appointments, or they may have trouble with cooking and cleaning or basic tasks like bathing and taking medications. Even if a senior is physically

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Summer Activities for Seniors

At Forestview Manor, we make sure our residents can live life to the fullest, which includes social, artistic, musical, and physical activities. Fun activities can keep their minds and bodies sharp, which is why we offer a full calendar with a wide range of different events and pastimes to choose from. Everyone will find something

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